Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I'm Committed

It's been a has been overwhelming to say the least. But the itch is there...I miss writing.
And for the last 2 weeks, I have been mulling over where I should start... my illness, my pregnancy, my baby, my church, my family...  Each life area has its own twists and turns and would provide plethoras of creative topics for writing and healing.

But I keep coming back to one phrase, 'I'm committed.'

I'm committed to looking for the joy in each day.
I'm committed to sharing my life and story with loads of family, friends, co-teachers, and persons from my church family.
I'm committed to serving and loving.
I'm committed to the efforts it takes to keep feeling healthy.
I'm committed to my husband and my children.
I'm committed to reading my Bible, daily, and growing in my relationship with Him.
I'm committed to small growth and not giant leaps.
I'm committed to not judging others, but most importantly, myself.

Within each of these commitments are a series of mini-commitments... which brings me to my first blog topic...

I'm committed to going to Spain with my son next spend 8 days teaching children English and being His hands and feet in any other way in which we are called to be, while we are there.

I'm committed to doing the work necessary in order to share this experience with my 14 year old, who asked, "Mom, will you go with me?"

So, we shall GO.

And this is where I need your continued so many of you have already offered so much support to our family.

We need two things: Prayer and Money.

Will you commit to pray for us, often, between now and June? For safety, growth, healing, and especially, for the children God will have waiting for us...

Secondly, would you be able to give? We will be doing a variety of fundraisers...the 1st one this Friday night. Austin will be rocking in his Grandma Greer's rocking chair for 12 hours straight! And...he is asking for sponsors to offer to pay him $2 an hour for his efforts.

So, as the theme goes, I'm committed. Committed to finding 50 people to agree to $2 an hour for the 12 hours.

Would you consider being one of the fifty and sponsoring my boy in his Rock-a-Thon? You can give a check/cash to Austin or I (checks made to PCC. Greer Seville, Spain 2014 in note) or mail it to:
4480 Anderson Highway
Powhatan, VA 23040

My life over the last five months has been filled with more peace and joy than I've seen in many, many years.

My secret is I have committed to quit sweating the small AND the big stuff...because I know He will always provide.

So...if you can't give right now don't sweat it and just join me in prayers of safety and blessings for this trip.

Cause I'm committed to believing He has told us to GO...and so I have no doubt that He will provide the way.

So very grateful...

Austin Ryan 

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  1. We would love to be one of the 50 who sponsor Austin. From the Alford family to Austin, "Keep on Rockin!" We will drop the check off to you Friday. Gray, Wendy, & Clay Alford