Monday, July 30, 2012

Boycott Chik-fil-A?

I, like everyone else, have my opinion and my say on the latest phenomenon to hit the media. 
My. Opinion.

Which is really all that Dan Cathy, Chik-Fil-A President, was doing.  Stating his opinion.  His belief.

He was asked, as a leader in a company that outwardly claims its belief in The Holy Bible, what his thoughts were on same-sex marriage. Then, when he answered honestly, was crucified.

And Me? My opinion?

I think the entire thing, on both sides, is utterly ridiculous.


And I have thought about this...A LOT. 

Because, I am both a Jesus-following, Bible-believing, Christian and I love and share in several relationships with people who are gay.  I would never consider banning them from my life, just because of their sexual choices. 

That being said...
How can you boycott a restaurant for answering you honestly and continuing to utter their belief, as they have always done? 

Their chain strives to follow the Bible, wholeheartedly, and have proved this through company policies, such as "having a day of rest" on Sundays, by not opening their business.  Do you realize how many millions they lose by doing this?  I feel they have put their money where their mouth is and have the right to stand on that belief, using The Bible as their anchor.

You see, Marriage is a biblical word.  Marriage is something God created.  God.  You know Him?  The Author of The Bible. 

Therefore, open followers of the Bible cannot say they "biblically" approve of marriage, if it is anything other than a man and a woman. 

So, what if this Bible believing man, Mr. Cathy, did?  Did say he approved for political reasons or to avoid the scrutiny of the public?

Well, if he did say that he believed that gay marriage was biblically okay, then he would instantly have been a hypocrite.  It would be like if you asked him if he believed in living together?  And he said sure.  If he believed that we should give 10% of our paychecks back to the church?  And he said that it wasn't necessary.  If the company's president was asked his opinion on abortion and he said that it was a choice. 
Those answers would have been opposite of what he and his company openly claim to follow, making this president and his company of bunch of hypocrites.

So, I do not know why we have to quit eating chicken and spread more hate, because someone simply confirmed, what anyone who knows the Bible, already knew. 

I feel like Chik-fil-A was set up.  I am not sure of by who.  Whether is was a political move or a financial one, it still appears to be a publicity stunt to me.  The interviewer HAD to know what the answer was going to be before the question was even answered.
So..this company was just another target, set up to be the recipient of years of pent up anger.

And here, is where I admit, if someone asked me which side I was on, I would have to say both.

After all, the anger is our fault.  "Our" being society, many claiming to be speaking, boycotting, or picketing in the name of Jesus.

We have created this anger and hurt by the outpouring of HATE Americans have shown towards our gay and lesbian friends and family. 

To me, if you hate someone, refuse to speak to them or bash them just because they live the "gay lifestyle", then YOU are the one who needs to check their Bible.  You may need to investigate the word hypocrite a little more closely.

First and foremost, Jesus never choose hatred.  He did not hide His beliefs, nor falter in His stand, but He did not loathe or abominate the people He met either.  Instead, He offered support and love.  And as Jesus-followers, it is MY OPINION, that we should do the same.

And we have failed greatly in doing this to the gay population.  For decades, we have centered in on homosexuality, like it is THE worst sin in the entire world.  Honestly, people.  I have seen gay and lesbian people treated worse or abandoned as inferiors more often than murderers.  I have seen people I love made to feel less than worthy of love, because they choose to be gay; while adulterers, thieves, and gossipers are forgiven over and over and over. 

Oh, yes.  In so many ways, we have failed.

I believe in the Bible and therefore, concur that homosexuality is not what's in our best interest.  I am not attempting to go against my beliefs through these words.

However, it is A sin, not THE sin.  And I consider myself equally as sinful as any person who chooses to live with a partner of the same sex.  I sin.  You sin.  We all sin.  That's in the Bible, too.  None of us is perfect, and yet, we throw these massive stones of hatred, as if we are.
We have judged horrifically; hating in the name of 'the truth', rather than loving in the name of Jesus.
This constant state of hate has caused many homosexuals and supporters to be forced to look for any opportunity they can find for their voices to be heard.  Even if that stance is through an opinion of a restaurant president. 

So, as absurd as I think all the kicking and screaming has been lately, I get it.  I get the need to be accepted, rather than blatantly unloved.  I get wanting to be valued as a person and not just as a choice.
So, I suppose, I take two stands on this one. 
I believe Christ Followers have the right to voice their position; but, I also believe that ALL people should be treated equally or at the very least, on their actions towards others.
But... biggest stand on the entire thing, is still that it is utterly ridiculous

On both sides.

I think both sides are taking things a wee bit far and I know, deep inside, that the thousands of people fighting for what they believe in could use that internal strength to fight to truly change the world.

I can't help but think what God's people could do with ALL the energy they are spending "boycotting"...
Solve World Hunger?
Help the Homeless?
Comfort victims of abuse?
There has to be so much more that we can do in the name of our Jesus than banning chicken chains.

And the same goes for the other side.  If all of the "if you don't believe what I believe than I am going to picket/boycott/ban you" energy was put towards helping those around us who really needed it...

Wow.... our world would, indeed, be a better place.

Because, no matter which side you take, we can all agree that there are bigger problems than where to eat our lunch....

Like a gunmen attacking a movie theater full of people.

So, I say we continue to be America and stand up for our beliefs, and honestly, take our stance.  And as a Christian, if asked, I will continue to take my stance on what God's best is for us.
But, then, I'm gonna move on.  And may I suggest you do the same? 

 No matter which 'side' you are on, rather than getting stuck in anger, lets plow our energies forward and see where the world really needs us to fight to make a difference.
'Cause I hardly doubt, where I choose to satisfy my next fast food craving, is it.


  1. Have I told you lately that I love you!

  2. Really well written.

    "hating in the name of 'the truth', rather than loving in the name of Jesus."

    Great truth in that phrase.